Email Marketing Strategy: Crafting Engagement Beyond the Click

Learn how to elevate your email marketing strategy beyond the click. In this blog, Amanda Roy dives into creating a memorable customer journey, crafting engaging content, and ensuring email deliverability. Learn key tactics to keep your audience engaged and watch your email campaigns thrive.

Beyond The Click: How to Elevate Your Email Marketing Strategy

Hey guys, I’m Amanda Roy, and I’m thrilled to dive into what happens to your emails after the click. This blog post will explore how to effectively engage your email list after they take action – whether that’s grabbing your freebie or joining your list. We’ll cover strategies you absolutely need to integrate into your business to keep your audience engaged and ensure they have a compelling experience.

The Importance of the Customer Journey

First things first, when someone steps into your world, it’s vital to give them an experience they won’t forget. Think of it as rolling out the red carpet for your new subscribers! A well-planned 30-day welcome period can work wonders. Aim for at least 11 touch points over these 30 days and deliver about seven hours of fantastic content. Mix it up with long-form videos, quick YouTube clips, insightful articles, engaging emails, and even social media posts shared through email. Keep it diverse, keep it valuable, and most importantly, make it memorable!

Day-by-Day Breakdown

Days 1-5: Introduction and Welcome

Day 1: Send a welcome email. Make sure it’s warm, inviting, and outlines three benefits they’ll gain from your content.

Days 2-5: Share a bit about yourself, your background, and your expertise. Keep it relatable and to the point. It’s also useful to provide links to join your Facebook community or book a call with you.

Days 6-10: Success Stories and Testimonials

Highlight your success stories and showcase testimonials. Share parts of your portfolio—like websites you’ve designed or automations you’ve set up. This builds credibility and showcases your expertise.

Days 11-20: Educational Content

This period should focus on education. Share YouTube videos, blog posts, or tutorials that provide value relevant to your audience’s needs. For example, if you have videos explaining email campaigns or resolving issues like spam emails, this is the time to share them.

Days 21-25: Product and Service Awareness

Begin introducing your products or services. Explain what you offer, be it courses, one-on-one coaching, templates, etc. This will help them understand how they can further engage with you.

Days 26-30: Engagement and Feedback

Seek engagement from your audience. Invite them to complete surveys, ask for their feedback, or involve them in challenges or community activities. This cements their relationship with your brand.

Engaging Email Subjects and Content

Creating compelling email subject lines and engaging content is crucial. Instead of generic terms like “Unlock Your Potential,” evoke curiosity with phrases like, “I never thought I would do this…,” or “It finally happened today…🌟

Personalization and Authenticity

Want to make your emails unforgettable? Let your personality shine through! 🦄✨ Whether it’s sprinkling in some emojis, sharing your funniest personal stories, or just writing like you talk, your authentic voice is your secret weapon. This not only makes your emails more engaging but also super relatable. So, go ahead – be bold, be quirky, be YOU! Your audience will love the real, authentic you.

Tracking Metrics

Regularly tracking your email metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates is vital. Aim for an open rate between 15% to 28% and a click-through rate of 2% to 5%. Keep an eye on these figures to understand what works and what doesn’t. Regularly clean your email list to ensure it consists of engaged subscribers.

Protecting Your Email Deliverability

Ensure your email domain is protected with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. This prevents your emails from landing in spam folders and ensures they are sent from a verified domain. Maintaining a clean email list by removing bounced emails and unsubscribed addresses is also essential.

Building Your Email List with Effective Lead Magnets

Creating compelling lead magnets is an excellent way to build your email list. Offer freebies that are directly aligned with your main products or services. For instance, if you are a health coach focusing on the keto diet, a freebie like “Top 3 Keto Foods to Achieve Ketosis Fast” can attract the right audience.

Automation Is Key

Automate your lead magnet delivery and follow-up emails. Setting up workflows can save time and ensure consistent communication with your leads. This is especially crucial as your business grows and manual updates become impractical.

By mapping out a detailed customer journey, crafting engaging content, and protecting your email deliverability, you can significantly improve your email marketing strategy. Remember to stay authentic, track your metrics, and continually engage with your audience. Elevate your email marketing from beyond the click. Happy emailing!

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